Aluminum Pineridge 24 Pro

Just 21 pounds and change right out of the box. It's an exciting time to be moving up to a 24" bike! This wheel size is the stage where kids learn key life long riding skills they will carry with them for the rest of their life. Take your kids riding to the next level this 2017 season and beyond on a professional level bike with top shelf level components that YOU get to select with your parents which suits your riding terrain and area the best!

Component technology in 2017 is improving to make kids 24" bikes even lighter. The 2017 Pineridge 24 Pro gets a custom Stans 24 spoke Crest MK3 wheelset as a build option to reduce even more rotational weight at just 1285 grams. Additionally, the addition of our new Trailcraft direct mount cranks with aluminum spindle sheds over 100 grams from our previous square tapered offering and you now can also select a 26, 28, or 30 tooth chainring depending on the vertical radness you will be riding together.

Our new Pineridge 24" Pro configuration model allows you to custom build YOUR dream bike. You can choose our NEW custom 1285 gram Stans Crest MK3 24" wheelset or our 1495 gram Trailcraft 24" wheelset to keep the budget a bit more in check.

Build the exact bike for your riding terrain. For 2017 we also have more component level choices and all bikes in 1x builds get an 11-42 cassette out of the box. Shimano Deore 10-speed package in both a 2x10 or 1x10 drivetrain setup, or for maximum weight savings and high performance we now offer a Shimano XT 1x11 package consisting of Shimano M8000 XT brakes, shifter, rear derailleur, and 11-42 cassette. All 1x level builds get our new light weight Trailcraft aluminum spindle direct mount cranks with your choice of 26, 28, or 30 tooth narrow-wide style ring to best suit your local riding terrain. Yay! Most adult bikes don't even offer this level of configuration out of the box!

  • Weight of the Pineridge 24 Pro configured as a 2x10 with Stans new Crest MK3 wheelset and RST First fork is about 22.25 pounds.
  • Pineridge 24 Pro Deore as a 1x 11-42 with Stans new Crest MK3 wheelset and RST fork is about 21.5 pounds
  • Weight of the Pineridge 24 Pro XT 1x 11-42 with Stans new Crest MK3 wheelset and RST fork is about 21.5 pounds

    Choose your frame color, wheelset, fork, and drive train option and the configurator adjusts the price as you build. For more detailed information please click on Features, Specifications, and Geometry below the configurator.

The 2017 Pineridge 24 has it all - a high performance "new school" 24-inch frame geometry, super light weight components, and several cool color options to choose from. Life is too short to settle on one color when options present themselves now! We invite you to custom build your kids dream bike below!!

We are currently out of Turquoise and Pink Frames. All other frame colors are IN STOCK!

Aluminum Pineridge 24 Pro


Build Your Dream Bike

Total Cost of Bike: $1775

Size Chart

Pineridge 24

Approximate Age

Minimum Inseam

Height Range


24 inches

4'2"- 4'9"