Pineridge 24 Special Build

Price: $1449.00

22.6 pounds with pedals - check!

11-42 MASSIVE gearing range right out of the box - check!

Schwalbe Rocket Ron high performance tires - check!

30 tooth drop stop style chainring in cool matching anodized colors - check!

1500 gram wheelset - check!

We've built a handful of 2017 Pineridge 24 "Special Builds" to take your kids riding to the next level without having to break the family vacation budget this summer. This fully geared 22.6 pound bike comes out of the box with a narrow-wide 30 tooth chainring, Sunrace 11-42 cassette and 1580 gram RST First fork. Our most affordable build option still maintains a SUPER low weight of 22.6 pounds while still offering high quality components and a dialed setup the moment you pull it out of the box! Compare our "Special Build" to others in the category - this bike features an 11-42 extended range rear cassette (others spec 11-36), 30 tooth front narrow wide chainring (others spec a 32 or 34 tooth) and Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires on a 1500 gram wheelset. This is all right out of the box, no further mods necessary to give you that climbing gear your kids really do need.

Each frame is hand built in small batches with double butted 7005 aluminum tubing, forged dropouts, and post-mount disc brake mounts both front and rear. All of our Pineridge 24 bikes feature a super short 390mm chain stay length. This shorter rear end allows kids to corner faster, change direction quicker, lift the front easier allowing manuals and floating the front end over obstacles much more fun than your typical 410-420mm chainstay length 24-inch bike that is also typically POUNDS heavier as well. Please select "Features" tab for components spec details. Geometry and a light weight bike really matters when you are a young rider starting out!

Size Chart

Pineridge 24

Approximate Age

Minimum Inseam

Height Range


24 inches

4'2"- 4'9"