Hey Ginger, wanted to say thanks to you and your crew!

I finally got around to opening the new Trailcraft box at 11:30 xmas eve. Thing went together very quick and easy. And I must say the attention to detail in shipping prep/padding/shrink wrapping/etc was higher than that i've experienced upon opening a bike box in my 28 years in the cycling biz.

Santa got the bike out by the tree in time for xmas wake up call with hours to spare!


Park City Demos, Utah


Thank you for developing and providing your wonderful products for young riders. Your level of service and personal attention to each inquiry and customer is unrivaled.

Happy Holidays to you and yours! Expect photos from the trail in the near future!


Santa Cruz, California


I just wanted to thank you for designing and building such awesome bikes!!!

With the the warm weather here in Utah we decided to get in a few rides before winter settles in. (So much for waiting until Christmas!!!)

My boys are riding on a whole new level. They can easily climb in the saddle on climbs where they couldn't get up even out of the saddle before, on their old bikes.

We rode double the time we could before with plenty of energy left. The boys are having more fun with way less drama, which means I am, too. Money well spent!!!

Thanks again!!


Salt Lake City, Utah


I hope all is well in Ft Collins and that you guys are getting in some nice long rides. Evan has really been enjoying his Trailcraft Pineridge mountain bike and we both are doing a lot of riding and racing.

I continue to be impressed with the build and the quality of the Pineridge. It has certainly been well worth the money. The Pineridge fits Evan perfectly and allows him to climb much better, ride farther and is much more comfortable on the bike. His handling skills have also vastly improved due to the well thought out geometry. Evan and I both really like the 1x10 set up, and even the really steep climbs are not an issue, the gearing is great.

Thank you for putting together such a great bike for the smaller people.

Attached are a few pics from a recent ride in Tennessee. I will update with some race pics soon.

Take care,


Huntsville, Alabama


Just thought I'd send you a note on our experience so far. We absolutely love the TC 24 my son was previously riding you typical "name brand" 24" mtb & paying a serious weight and handling penalty. The Trailcraft is a complete game changer climbing is no longer the chore it was on the other bike and my son has really upped his climbing to reap the rewards of the descents with a bike that handles so well. It has also enhanced my experience to be able to share the trails with my son well worth the investment!



Camarillo, California

Hi Ginger,

We received the MTB this week and our expectations were beyond exceeded! What a great bike you have put together. We purchased the bike for Ben, our ten year old boy. All the challenges he had before riding a brand name youth mountain bike have been removed. The Trailcraft bike is light, geared well and handles just right for his size. There has not been a climb I can throw at him that we doesn’t go up. Nothing but smiles and on each ride and attempting new challenges. We are very excited for our 3 week summer camping vacation out west this year which always includes lots of riding.

His little brother and sister look forward to inheriting this great bike.

All the best,

Ron and Kelli

DeWitt, Iowa

Hi Ginger,

I just wanted to let you know that we received Ruby's Pineridge 24 today right on time.

I can honestly say it is absolutely amazing. It exceeds every expectation that I had for it. I assembled it in minutes and we rode all day. My daughter is absolutely in love with it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to engineer a true race bike for kids. Ruby is 8 and I am pretty sure she will be right behind on single tracks this season thanks to Trailcraft Cycles.

Thank You,

Erik, Callie and Ruby

Madison, Wisconsin

Hi Ginger,

Just wanted to let you know I received the bike on Saturday and built it up right away. It's a great looking bike. I was very impressed with how quickly you got it out to me. I was also impressed by the little touches. The personal emails and note. The included extra derailleur hanger, and the fact that the bike actually matched the weights you claim. It's surprising how often that isn't the case. My son loves the bike and he's gone from a somewhat reluctant rider to enthusiastically asking to go for rides. We've started riding with a local team of older kids. He's riding so well now that he mostly rides with the high school kids at this point. That is in no small part because of the bike allowing him to do it. To impart the love of biking to my son is worth everything this bike cost. I highly recommend it.

Thanks again,


Littleton, Massachusetts

Hi Ginger

The bikes are fantastic. We managed to get in lots of rides before the snow. The day we picked up the bikes we went straight to Valmont. I couldn't get the kids to leave - until it was very dark! We have done a couple rides up North Table Mountain (photos attached) and lots of the local pump tracks. It is amazing to see the overnight change and continued rapid confidence and riding improvements in the kids. This is one of the best purchases we have made for the kids!

Best wishes to you and your family for the Holidays.


Golden, Colorado

Hi Ginger,

Let me just say it was a pleasure talking to you last week and ultimately purchasing a Pineridge 24 for my son Nicholas. The entire process was painless and as promised his new bike showed up just in time for his birthday. I have attached a bunch of pictures of him and his new bike. He absolutely loves it and I only wish I had bought it for him sooner so he could've gotten more years of enjoyment out of it.

Also I am a member of Southern California mountain biking website called imtbtrails. I posted a ride report and a bike build up of sorts that I thought you might enjoy reading. Link here http://www.imtbtrails.com/forum/threads/a-boy-and-his-bike.3756/

I am not super facebook savvy but I will post up some pics there when I get a chance.

Again thank you for all your help.


Valencia, California