Timber 26 Pro

Professional results require professional equipment. Our new Timber 26 comes out of the box under 22 pounds with best in category components including a fresh new geometry approach, 1290 gram Stans Podium racing wheels, 85 gram ultralight rotors, an extended range 11-42 cassette and direct-mount cranks with aluminum spindle found on much more expensive bikes with an end goal keep to build the lightest production 26" bike.

The Timber 26 is built for the natural progression and next level of riding coming off your Pineridge 24", or any 24" size mountain bike. We developed the Timber 26" mountain bike to be the perfect transition from the 24" wheel size to the 26" wheel size without having to settle for an XS size 27.5" bike. Most 27.5" are just too big and long for high performance riding coming off of a 24" wheel bike. Wheel height/weight increases, longer wheelbase, taller center of gravity and several other factors negates all the skills your kids developed on their 24" bike. Our Timber 26 is the ideal next size up from 24" and will continue to take their riding and bike handling skills to the next level.

Our Timber 26 gets the Trailcraft Cycles "New School Geometry Treatment" which includes a super short yet stable 419mm chainstay out back and slightly taller front end for better control instead of a slammed super short front end now trendy on your parents bikes. The slightly taller front end allows for more stability and control up front for fast single track riding and a super responsive rear end tracks so well allowing for quick line changes, manuals, and a wheelies over trail chunder. The result is a super lightweight, fun to ride bike that will take your young riding partner to the next level in their early riding career.

The Timber 26 Pro has it all- high performance geometry, light weight components and FOUR cool color options to choose from! The Timber 26 Pro configuration model allows you to custom build YOUR dream bike! You can choose the RST Reveal or Rock Shox fork.

In the wheel department the 1290 gram Stans Podium 26" wheelset with Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires will give you an advantage on the trail or competitive edge while racing.

We now have two component level choices, the Shimano Deore 10-speed package in both a 2x10 or 1x10 drivetrain setup, or for maximum weight savings and high performance level we now offer a Shimano XT 1x11 package consisting of Shimano M8000 XT brakes, shifter, rear derailleur, and 11-42 cassette.

*All bikes built in 1x mode feature our new direct mount cranks with your choice of chainring size depending on your local riding terrain. Choose 28 tooth if you are riding steep hills and lung burning mountains. Lower elevation levels are fine with a 30 tooth selection. All 1x bikes feature a narrow-wide style chainring and an 11-42 cassette for maximum climbing gear range while keeping weight low.

Weight of the Timber 26 Pro as 2x10 with Stans wheelset and RST Reveal fork is about 22 pounds WITH pedals. Weight of Timber 26 Pro as a 1x 11-42 with Stans wheelset and RST is about 21.5 pounds WITH pedals.

Choose your frame color, wheelset, fork, as well as drive train option and the configurator adjusts the price as you build. For more detailed information please click on Features, Specifications, and Geometry below the configurator.

We invite you to custom build your kids dream bike below!!

Timber 26 Pro


Build Your Dream Bike

Total Cost of Bike: $1999

Size Chart

Timber 26

Approximate Age

Minimum Inseam

Height Range


26 inches

4'9"- 5'2"