Merry Christmas!

December 21, 2016

Merry Christmas!! Wishing everyone a fun and memorable holiday with your family!

Its been our great pleasure to send out every bike, crankset, and wheelset to your kids, and we want to thank you for your support of Trailcraft. We have met so many wonderful families and kids and feel very grateful to know each of you! Thank you for all the pictures and emails of your families adventures on the trail this year -its been a fun year!

We have a lot of fun and new things planned in 2017 and are looking forward to more great adventures together. Please keep the pictures and good times coming!

Best wishes for another great year in 2017 and happy trails from our family to yours!!


Alaskan Adventures

August 22, 2016

Our favorite part of Trailcraft Cycles is seeing and hearing all about the fun adventures of the kids and families on their bikes! Here is what Aven in Alaska had to say about his bike.

"My name is Aven and I am 11 years old. I live in Anchorage, AK and I ride the Timber 26. It is a very good bike for climbing uphill and you have a lot of energy for the downhill. It is a very light bike and it has good traction. I like it on roots, rocks and drops. The shock works well for a light rider. It is nice for long distance rides and big climbs. I somehow met up with another kid with the same bike in Whistler at a camp. His name was Milo and we were both always at the top of every hill first. The bike handled stuff really well. We did a lot of rock rolls, which were fun. I rode Lost Lake trail near Seward, Alaska and was much faster than my dad and his friend on the 6 mile climb. There were a lot of root drops on the downhill and it was very wet and slippery but I did them all without slipping. My Trailcraft was awesome on that ride!"

Thanks for sharing Aven, this totally makes-our-day!!

Happy Trails!


Build a bike with your kids!

June 23, 2016

Have the tools and experience to building your own bike? The Pineridge 24 Frameset option at $1225.00 allows you to do just that! The kit includes the Trailcraft Frame, RST First Fork, Trailcraft cranks and Stans wheelset - you supply the building power and spec it with the components of your choosing. This is a great way to teach kids about their bike while sharing a memorable and fun experience of building their bike together.

This dad and daughter did just this and she got to press in the headset, assemble her cranks, put in her own bottom bracket and help build the bike she is going be riding and love. Pretty cool- nice job Chris and Samara!!

Happy Trails this summer!


Weightloss Package

May 24, 2016

Dry trails are finally here!! Dust off those bikes and get them ready for some single track trail time!

Just in time for summer break, we have our new 24" wheelset weight loss package to help make your existing 24" bike pounds lighter.

This new wheelset enables you to save a few pounds by upgrading an existing bike (insert x brand 24" bike here) with our new tubeless compatible 24" Trailcraft Cycles wheelset. The only requirement needed is you must have a disc brake equipped bike (not rim brake compatible) then you will be on your way with our 1490 gram wheelset to take your riding to the next level this summer. If you are looking for a quick way to shed pounds of rotational weight, this is it! We have two options to choose from:

Option 1: Wheelset only Option 2: Wheelset with Schwalbe tires and tubes

You can check out the specs and details here:

Have fun getting out on the trails together in the beautiful spring weather.

Happy Trails!



April 16, 2016

Moab was amazing!! We explored some awesome new riding areas and trails that were a lot of fun and great riding for families and young riders. Here are a couple of our favorite riding areas and trails that we all rode together as a family.

Navajo Rocks- This is a fairly new trail system and the area is gorgeous. There are several trails to choose from to make a loop or out and back depending on skill level. All have a lot of typical desert terrain including red rock and beautiful vistas. Our favorite trail and recommendation starts at Big Mesa and Ramblin' trailhead. Big Mesa is long ride that involves nice flowing single track and long slick rock faces. The trails we rode and route is Big Mesa to Big Lonely (cross Hwy 313) Big Lonely turns into Coney Island, and Coney Island to Middle Earth. From here you can cross the back over Hwy 313 to the trailhead where you began. This ride is probably around 3 hours, so snacks/and or lunch is definitely a requirement.

Horsethief Trails- This set of trails are just up the road from Navajo Rocks area on the south side of the road. The trails are all singletrack with some small small slickrock sections and beautiful open views of the Lasalle mountains. The route we chose is Getaway to 7-Up to Wildcat to Mustang loop. There is a slight down hill flow and then slight up hill on the return to the trailhead. This ride is also long and good snacks breaks can be enjoyed looking out over the amazing Moab area desert views.

We found a couple of great maps of each of these area at Poison Spider in town for two dollars each and found them to be very helpful. Ask for "Horsethief Trails" and "Navajo Rocks" mountain bike area trail maps. Purchase of these maps directly helps fund maintenance of the very trails you will be riding.

Have fun on the trails this spring!

Happy Trails!


Racing season is here!

March 9, 2016

Are you looking to build a light weight race or trail bike for the 2016 season?

Our Trailcraft Pineridge 24 is the ultimate racing machine for your young rider due to the light components and fast geometry!

The Pineridge 24 is ready for the trails right out of the box with some very minor assembly and it can be ordered with our custom titanium fork at 660 grams to build an even lighter bike. The aluminum Pineridge 24 with the titanium fork and built as 1x10 11-36 weighs under 19.5 pounds. If you choose the new SunRace 11-42 cassette and the titanium fork you are looking at an awesome bike with excellent gearing range at just about 20 pound total bike weight right out of the box.

Trailcraft Wheels are in stock!

If you already have a 24-inch bike and are looking to upgrade some parts to make your kids bike more race worthy, the new Trailcraft wheelset and tire package can shave about 3 pounds off an existing bike. The Trailcraft wheelset is tubeless compatible for additional weight savings if you choose to lose the tubes for this race season. The rims are taped and we send valves so all you will need is sealant to go tubeless.

Once we receive your order we can have your kids dream bike built within 2-3 days and ready to ship. We have done a lot of custom builds so if you have any questions please let us know we are happy to build your dream bike!

Please let us know how we can help build you the best race or trail bike possible and good luck to all the racers this season!

Happy Trails!


Winter Riding!

January 18, 2016

Winter riding is here and we have been having a very cold and snowy winer in Colorado. We have found the best way to enjoy the trails is to bundle up and put on the studded Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro tires! These are awesome in the snow and have been a blast to ride.

So until the trails are dry again we will ride with the studs on and enjoy the winter landscapes. Have fun on the winter trails!

Happy Trails!


Happy Holidays!

December 23, 2015

Wishing everyone a very happy holiday!

We've had a very busy holiday season and had a lot of fun sending out Christmas bikes and cranks. We are feeling pretty grateful to be a part of this magical season with your family. Thank you for choosing Trailcraft!

We are looking forward to another amazing year together in 2016. Keep the pictures and videos coming! We love to see where you're riding and hear about the new skills learned and increased confidence on the Pineridge 24.

Have a fun holiday with friends and family and a very Merry Christmas!


Thank you

November 25, 2015

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving and start to the holiday season! Thanks for all of your support this year for Trailcraft. It's been a fun year, and we are feeling pretty grateful for all the amazing families we have meet in 2015. Thanks for all the great pic's you have shared, and for letting us be a part of helping to get your kids out on the trails.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your friends and family!

Happy Trails!


Moab Utah Riding

October 23, 2015

Riding in Moab was awesome!! We rode the usual favorites and found a couple new trails that were a lot of fun at Navajo Rocks. If you are headed to Moab check out these family friendly trails that offer some great slick rock and flowy trails with beautiful scenery. Some of our favorite family riding areas in Moab are:

Dead Horse State Park

Navajo Rocks


Klondike Bluffs

Bar M

These riding areas offer a great selection of trails for everyone and are rated by skill level of green, blue, and black. Shoot us an email if you have any questions!

Happy Trails!


Trailcraft Crank Build Options

October 11, 2015

If you are looking for an easy and inexpensive upgrade to give your kids the proper crank length for a 24" wheel bike, the Trailcraft 152mm 104 BCD cranks can help! Many kids 24" bikes are spec'd with long 165mm cranks which is tough for the little guys and girls to turn over. The Trailcraft cranks can be purchased as a 1x10 or 2x10 option with a 22x32 and outer bash guard. The 1x10 option is sold with a Race Face 30T narrow wide chain ring in your choice of anodized green, black, blue, or purple for that extra special customized look.

Wishing everyone a wonderful fall season on the trails!

Happy Trails!


Which to choose 1x or 2x ?

August 23th 2015

We get a lot of questions from folks wondering if they should be going with a 1x or 2x build. It really depends on the type of riding your child is doing or will be doing. A good rule of thumb is if you are riding trails that have long sustained climbs of over a mile a 2x10 build with the granny gear is really nice! Your child will have an easier time on the climbs and you might find they are right on your tail! As a good experiment we did some riding here this summer in Colorado set up on both and when we switch from the 1x to the 2x our son said, "Wow, this is a lot more fun!" He could really crank it up the hills with ease. If your riding terrain is more flat then choose the 1x option and enjoy a little weight savings of about 3/4 of a pound. Trailcraft fully geared 2x10 is roughly only 22.3 pounds and the 1x10 build is roughly 21.5!

Happy Trails!


Steamboat Springs

August 13th 2015

How to have days that look like this on the trail?

  1. Choose a "just right trail" for your beginning rider.
  2. Lots of water and good high calorie snacks.
  3. Try to go early before the heat of the day
  4. Lots of encouragement especially on the climbs and after technical sections.
  5. Remember to keep it light and fun and enjoy the time on the trails together. You're building a relationship and establishing a recreational activity together that will last life time!

Crested Butte Colorado

July 8th 2015

Climbing the 401 Trail

We had a great time up in Crested Butte. Wonderful trails and amazing scenery-this place is really awesome! The Pineridge made the trails at elevation of 11,000 ft much easier. Next time we go back we will set the kids bikes up as 2x10's. The lung burning climbs really need a granny gear!

Trail obstacles are no problem!

Easy lifting a 19lb bike over trail obstacles and back on the trail with my dog!