Our favorite part of Trailcraft Cycles is seeing and hearing all about the fun adventures of the kids and families on their bikes! Here is what Aven in Alaska had to say about his bike.

"My name is Aven and I am 11 years old. I live in Anchorage, AK and I ride the Timber 26. It is a very good bike for climbing uphill and you have a lot of energy for the downhill. It is a very light bike and it has good traction. I like it on roots, rocks and drops. The shock works well for a light rider. It is nice for long distance rides and big climbs. I somehow met up with another kid with the same bike in Whistler at a camp. His name was Milo and we were both always at the top of every hill first. The bike handled stuff really well. We did a lot of rock rolls, which were fun. I rode Lost Lake trail near Seward, Alaska and was much faster than my dad and his friend on the 6 mile climb. There were a lot of root drops on the downhill and it was very wet and slippery but I did them all without slipping. My Trailcraft was awesome on that ride!"

Thanks for sharing Aven, this totally makes-our-day!!

Happy Trails!