Name-Callen Solley

Age- 8

Lives- Fort Collins, Colorado

Best Thing About Riding A Bike- I love going downhill and being outside!

Favorite Local Trails- The Valley Trails in Fort Collins and Barney Flow in Breckenridge.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor- Mint and chip and vanilla

Riding Partners- My dad

Trailside Snack- My Mom's homemade oatmeal raisin cookies

Best Riding Area- Breckenridge

Other Interests-Playing football, ice skating, going hiking, baseball, reading, go to the library, traveling, cooking, eating, play with my dog, tennis, camp, making up inventions, drawing, building forts, swimming, fishing, rafting, kayaking, playing piano, being with my family, going to the movies and eating popcorn.

Name- Drake Solley

Age- 8

Lives- Fort Colllins, Colorado

Best Thing About Riding A Bike-That you can go fast and accomplish hard things!

Favorite Local Trails- Pineridge and Maxwell in Fort Collins

Best Ice-cream Flavor- Vanilla

Riding Partners- My brother Callen

Trailside Snack- Nutter Butter cookies and Butterfinger bites

Riding Area- Custer State Park, South Dakota and Breckenridge

Other Interests-Tennis, walk around town, cook, read, play board and card games, travel, explore, build things, camp, play with friends, school, learn, and go to parties.


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