Dust off the credit card, hopefully the holiday hangover has subsided a bit and your card is paid down to the point where you can take advantage of some of these sale bikes! We are gearing up for another great 2024 season, and we need to flush out some stuff first in order to get organized/create more room in our small workshop!

These bikes are photo samples,  returns (wrong size ordered), or “spouse didn’t approve after we already built/shipped it”, or might have small blemishes (which will be noted).  There are even also some cool custom bikes which we’ve never marketed…but might depending on how they are received in this sale!  Great winter price deals here, spring is coming fast! Email [email protected], call or text 970-402-2384 to order.  We’ve posted pics over on Pinkbike.com, as this is the easiest way to post the pics and description, and edit it/delete the link once the bike is sold. Click the red “here” to see pics, spec and description to see each bike. Each bike will be deleted as it’s sold.  Call at any time.

Blue Sky 20

Blue Sky 20 Rigid (Blemished) – $849 Click here for pics 

Blue Sky 20 Turquoise/Pink LTD – just 20.21 pounds! – $1199 – Click here for pics    

Blue Sky 20 Neon Green PRO with Saint Rear Derailleur -just 18.18 pounds! – $1599 – Click here for pics  

Blue Sky 20 HOT PINK PRO with Saint Rear Derailleur -just 18.18 pounds! – $1599 – Click here for pics 

Blue Sky 20 Turquoise/Pink PRO Superpink Bling Kit – just 18.45 pounds – $1699 – Click here for pics 

24″ wheel size bikes:

Pineridge 24

Pineridge 24 RIGID – the classic Pineridge in (7 colors) $899 – Click here for pics

Pineridge 24 Neon Green Rigid with Dropper $899 no dropper/$1098 with dropper– Click here for pics 

–Pineridge 24 CARBON Neon Green ELITE level build – $3499 – Click here for pics 

– Pineridge 24 ORANGE 10 speed custom w/ dropper – $2599 – Click here for pics

Maxwell 24

Maxwell 24 LTD ORANGE / SUPERBLUE with dropper – $2299 – Click here for pics 

Maxwell 24 LTD SUPERPINK with dropper post- $2299 Click here for pics 

Maxwell 24 LTD Green and Lava with dropper – $2149 – Click here for pics 

Maxwell 24 Turquoise/Pink -custom- with dropper and blue bling kit – $2299 – Click here for pics

26″ wheel size bikes:

Timber 26

Timber 26 LTD Turquoise/Pink – $1549 – Click here for pics 

Timber 26 LTD HOT PINK – $1499 – Click here for pics

Maxwell 26 

Maxwell 26 RACE– Stans MK4 wheelset, Kenda Booster 2.4″ tires, Reba fork – 26.5 pounds with dropper! – $2699 – Click here for pics 

Maxwell 26 Orange Elite –completely custom– SUPERBEAST level build, Pike 140mm fork – $3850 – Click here for pics

27.5″ wheel size bikes:

Maxwell 275

Maxwell 275 LTD RED with Shimano cranks – $1899 – Click here for pics

Timber 275 LTD with Dropper – $1699 –  Click here for pics 

Available in XS (4’8”-5’) and Small (4’11”-5’5”)