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This bike is custom-built for you from the frame up in Fort Collins, Colorado. Due to the overwhelming spring order volume, please expect a shipping date of approximately 7 business days from your order date, with delivery to your hands around 12 days from the order date.

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Dropper Post Install – Have a KS LEV Si 100mm dropper post pre-installed on your complete bike.

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2023/2024 Timber 26 - The Ultimate Transitional Bike
Professional results require professional equipment. Our 2023/2024 Timber 26 is designed to be the perfect transitional bike for kids moving up from a 24" bike. We frequently see kids transitioning from 24" bikes to XS or S-sized 27.5" or even 29" wheels designed for 5' and taller riders. The 2023 Timber 26 is the ideal "tweener" bike for those too big for a 24" but not yet ready for an adult bike. Its revised geometry features a SUPER low standover height, allowing kids around 4'5" to comfortably ride 26" wheels. With an updated head tube angle, seat tube angle, stealth dropper post, and internal cable routing, it offers a super clean look and a super fast ride, available in six cool colors. This bike, weighing in the 22-pound range, will elevate their riding in 2023!


Timber 26 ELITE - Ready to Ride
Our new Timber 26 ELITE is ready to ride at just over 22.5 pounds, featuring best-in-category components, including:

  • Fresh new geometry approach
  • 1300 gram Trailcraft carbon wheels
  • 85 gram Ashima ultralight rotors
  • Extended range cassettes
  • Trailcraft 152mm direct-mount cranks with an aluminum spindle
  • The 26" wheel size is making a comeback for kids, and our goal is to build the lightest production 26" bike with the best-in-category frame, wheels, and components, enabling kids to dominate the trails.


Perfect Transition from 24" to 26"
We developed the Timber 26" mountain bike to be the perfect step up from a 24" wheel bike without the compromise of an XS 27.5" bike or a 26+ pound weight. Most 27.5" bikes are too big, long, and heavy for high-performance riding after a 24" bike. Our Timber 26 is the ideal next size, designed to enhance riding and bike handling skills to the next level.



New School Geometry
The Timber 26 features Trailcraft Cycles' "New School Geometry Treatment," including:

  • A super short yet stable 419mm chainstay
  • Lower front end and standover height for easier lofting of the front wheel over rocks, roots, creek crossings, and other trail obstacles
  • This almost mini dirt jumper bike allows quick line changes, manuals, and wheelies over trail chunder. The result is a super lightweight, fun-to-ride bike that helps young riders advance in their early riding career, all on a bike that weighs just 22 pounds with top-tier components.


Customizable Cranks and Chainrings
All levels of bike builds come with our new lightweight 152mm Trailcraft Cycles aluminum spindle direct mount cranks, with your choice of 26, 28, 30, or 32 tooth narrow-wide style chainring. Choose a 26 or 28 tooth chainring for steep hills and lung-burning mountains, and a 30 or 32 tooth chainring for lower elevation or flat areas.


We Offer 4 Build Levels for the Timber 26. 


Timber 26 PRO

    • Sale Price $1,799
    • Features: Shimano Deore 11 Speed components, including Shimano Deore 6100 brakes, a Deore 11 Speed derailleur, a Deore shifter, and a Deore 11-51 cassette. It also features a SUPER light Trailcraft 1550 gram wheelset.
    • Weight: 24 pounds


Timber 26 ELITE

  • Sale Price $2,899
  • Features: 12-speed Shimano XT level setup with a 10-51 cassette, coupled with a SUPER light 1350 gram Trailcraft Carbon wheelset featuring a 150-point engagement (POE) hub for near-instant engagement.
  • Weight: 23 pounds


Timber 26 GX AXS

  • Sale Price $2,999
  • Features: 12-speed SRAM GX AXS level drivetrain, featuring a 10-52 cassette equipped with electronic shifting. It also boasts a SUPER light Trailcraft Wheelset and a Deore M6100 brakeset.
  • Weight: 22.5 pounds


Timber 26 X01 AXS

  • Sale Price $3,899
  • Features: 12 Speed SRAM X01 AXS level configuration with a 10-52 cassette, equipped with electronic shifting. It also features a SUPER light Trailcraft Wheelset and Shimano XT M8100 brakeset.
  • Weight: 22 pounds


The Special Build Timber 26, weighing in at 24 pounds, has now transitioned to our Timber 26 LTD bike.  This bike showcases Shimano's Deore 10-speed group, complete with an 11-48 cassette. Additionally, we offer an optional 120mm travel fork, ideal for "TRAIL TIMBER," providing extra front travel for those kids who love to shred hard on downhill rides. Click here to view the Timber 26 LTD.


For more detailed information on each build please click on Features, Specifications, and Geometry tabs.


Want to go a bit more custom or full custom on this build? Contact us! As a small family business dedicated to crafting the finest kids' mountain bikes, we're passionate about what we do. Check out our Instagram and custom builds page to see some of our work.



Chainring Selection Options

  • 26 Tooth - For easiest climbing in mountainous areas.
  • 28 Tooth - A good in-between gearing option for hilly terrain.
  • 30 Tooth - Better for some hills and more flat terrain.
  • 32 Tooth - Best for most flat terrain with limited hills.



MODELSpecial Build LTDPro EliteGX AXSX01 AXS
FRAMETimber 26 7005 Series AluminumTimber 26 7005 Series Aluminum Timber 26 7005 Series Aluminum Timber 26 7005 Series Aluminum Timber 26 7005 Series Aluminum
FORKTrailcraft TC30 100mmRock Shox Reba 100mmRock Shox Reba 100mmRock Shox Reba 100mmRock Shox Reba 100mm
HEADSETTrailcraft Precision Sealed CartridgeTrailcraft Precision Sealed CartridgeTrailcraft Precision Sealed CartridgeTrailcraft Precision Sealed CartridgeTrailcraft Precision Sealed Cartridge
REAR DERAILLEURShimano Deore 10 SpeedShimano Deore 11 Speed Shimano XT 12 SpeedGX AXS 12 SpeedX01 AXS 12 Speed
SHIFTERShimano Deore 10 SpeedShimano Deore 11 SpeedShimano SLX 12-SpeedGX AXS 12 SpeedX01 AXS 12 Speed
BRAKESShimano MT201 Hydraulic Shimano Deore 6100 Hydraulic Shimano XT 8100Shimano XT 8100Shimano XT 8100
CRANKSTrailcraft Direct Mount 152mm, Alloy Spindle, 30 toothTrailcraft Direct Mount 152mm, Alloy Spindle, 26,28,30,32t OptionTrailcraft Direct Mount 152mm, Alloy Spindle, 26,28,30,32t OptionTrailcraft Direct Mount 152mm, Alloy Spindle, 26,28,30,32t OptionTrailcraft Direct Mount 152mm, Alloy Spindle, 26,28,30,32t Option
BARTrailcraft AlloyTrailcraft AlloyTrailcraft AlloyTrailcraft AlloyTrailcraft Alloy
GRIPSTrailcraft Lock-OnTrailcraft Lock-OnTrailcraft Lock-OnTrailcraft Lock-OnTrailcraft Lock-On
STEMTrailcraft 50mmTrailcraft 50mmTrailcraft 50mm SuperlightTrailcraft 50mm SuperlightTrailcraft 50mm Superlight
POSTTrailcraft 30.9Trailcraft 30.9Trailcraft 30.9Trailcraft 30.9Trailcraft 30.9
PEDALSWellgo M12 AluminumVP CompositeVP CompositeVP CompositeVP Composite
CASSETTEMicroshift 11-48Shimano Deore 11-51Shimano XT 10-51GX 10-52X01 10-52
WHEELSETTrailcraft alloy 10 speedTrailcraft SUPERLIGHT! 1550 grams! Trailcraft Carbon WheelsTrailcraft SUPERLIGHT! 1550 grams!Trailcraft SUPERLIGHT! 1550 grams!
TIRESKenda Booster 2.4Kenda Booster 2.4Kenda Booster 2.4Kenda Booster 2.4Kenda Booster 2.4
MSRP$1,799.00/ SALE $1,499$1999$2999$3899$4599
Estimated Weight24 pounds set up tubeless24 pounds set up tubeless23 pounds set up tubeless22.5 pounds set up tubeless22 pounds set up tubeless

*COVID parts availability advisory: The bike industry is currently having trouble keeping up with demand in these strange times. Standard builds purchased from the website might include unavailable parts at which point we will replace them with equivalent parts (and upgraded parts in some cases) due to supplier availability. Please reach out to us directly if you have any questions or would like to ensure your build includes any specific parts.

Reviews (14)

14 reviews for Timber 26

  1. Will Van Overbeke

    Bike is working out perfect, figure I got about 6 months before he leaves me on the climbs! Bike weight is such an advantage, I never heard are we there yet or how much longer and he was able to grind up almost all the steep climbs. Geometry is definitely dialed.


  2. Bob & Kathy Stolper

    Our daughter can’t believe how much more fun riding is now with a light bike that fits her well. Climbs, desents, flat ground, it’s all much better to her. She made it to the top of a mountain near our home for the first time recently while riding her Timber 26. On her old bike she only made it about a quarter of the way before wanting to quit. Thanks for your effort putting together a great bike.

  3. JD

    I pulled the trigger on a Timber 26 Special Build for my 10-year-old son for Christmas. It’s a beautiful bike, well-crafted and well-designed, and my son is at least twice as fast and having at least twice as much fun. The team at Trailcraft is great to work with and provides excellent customer support. The build instructions were clear and easy to follow, and the build-up was easy, even for a non-wrench like me. All in all, great product, great service, great experience. Thank you.

  4. Glenn Woodson (verified owner)

    Have had the bike for 2 months now and Sterling has put over 250 miles on the trails around Ft Ord and Central California. We went with the special build and then switched out SPD clips. Other than that, nothing was upgraded. The bike itself is a gorgeous orange and makes it easy to find him when we are out and about. Constructed well, it is lightweight and uses standard sized components so we can upgrade components easily (e.g., larger front chainring as he grows or upgrading to more powerful hydraulic brakes). Love the Rocksox 30 Gold fork and its ability to adjust for lightweight kids. Since Sterling uses the bike for general riding and also to compete in MTB XC (12-16 mi at 90-110 min per race), this is a great choice that provides solid quality, lightweight components which are critical for this age group.

    Sterling likes the ride itself and his climbing has noticably improved since upgrading. Follow-up with Brett is what I love about small, speciality builders. And knowing the bike will retain its value makes the higher entry price well worth it.

    Lastly, we saw Trailcraft last year at Sea Otter Classic and I was heistent to pull the trigger on a more than entry level price. But after signifiant research (there are only a few specialty youth bike mfgs and he owns a high end cross bike from one), seeing how much enjoyment the bike provides Sterling, and knowing that two bike shop mechanics highly recommend Trailcraft, this was one of the best investments we have made.

  5. Duncan (verified owner)

    I’m going to admit that I was very hesitant to buy such an expensive bike for a 10 year old. But after some gentle coaching from Brett we took the plunge……

    Well….COMPLETE game changer! Never have I seen a piece of gear change someone’s ability to do any sport so much. Brett set it up tubeless, and it came in a touch under 22 lbs for a special build. First ride was on the front range, and I quickly realized that I now need to ride! The geometry is absolutely dialed. My son is now extra excited about riding, and wants to get out every weekend. Last weekend was a front range 12 miler. I can’t sing enough praises for the bike, the service and overall quality.

    Thank you.

  6. Karen

    I have waited 6 months (a bike season in Maine) to write this review to really test out the bike. I am really glad I bit the bullet and bought this bike for my son!! One of my best purchases ever. I did not realize how easy it was to customize a build until I emailed Trailcraft and got an immediate response from the owners. I bought the special build but upgraded to a lighter rear cassette and opted for the RST fork- it came to 22 pounds. We live in Maine with lots of rocks, roots, and climbs which the Trailcraft is well suited for. My son has truly enjoyed riding this bike! His climbing ability, in particular, has increased substantially and he is developing a true love for cross-country mountain biking. Thank you Trailcraft! Awesome bike and great customer service. You cannot go wrong with this bike- it is very much worth the money!

    • Trailcraft (verified owner)

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for your thoughtful review and taking the time to write these nice words! We are so happy to hear of your son’s success on his Timber on the challenging local trails!! Wishing you lots of great riding adventures next year and hope you have a great holiday season and beautiful Maine winter. Keep in touch! Ginger and Brett

  7. Heath

    Thanks Trailcraft for making a great frame! I was able to hang some quality parts we had in our garage on this frame for our 11 year old son. The bike turned out light and my son is enjoying a quality fork, disk brakes, and a better steering bike than what he was previously riding. The whole package has given him more confidence and enjoyment riding. He also loved being able to pick the color of his new bike.

  8. Albert (verified owner)

    This is such a great bike! I thought my son’s last bike was good; it was aluminum and from a major brand, but it was incredibly heavy. He enjoyed mountain biking, but he always had trouble climbing hills. I just thought that was how it was for kids. But I’m so happy I ran into Trailcraft at Sea Otter, and learned there was an alternative.

    My son loves mountain biking even more now. On his very first ride, he was able to climb a hill that he never thought possible with his old bike. And the air he is getting from jumps these days is amazing. I got the special build and it has been perfect. After several months of use, there haven’t been any issues. These bikes are more expensive than what you’ll find in most shops, but if your child enjoys mountain biking, then I think they are definitely worth it.

  9. tobincarrier

    This bike is perfect. My 10-year-old son got this for Christmas and loves it. We got AXS with carbon wheels, dropper, and tubeless tires and he loves it! It is so light that he is now beating me on climbs and descents. I would recommend this bike with my kit for anyone who likes riding. Thanks Trailcraft!

    • Trailcraft (verified owner)

      Hi Tobin! Thanks for your thoughful review. We really glad your son is enjoying his Timber AXS bike! Keep in touch and happy trails! Ginger and Brett

  10. Paul Shames (verified owner)

    Our black Timber 26 arrived Xmas eve, no question best gift ever. Our 10 year old went from a 24″ Cleary to the Timber 26 and was so happy he could finally make it up all the steep hills in our neighborhood (he used to get off and walk the steep parts on the way home from school, with his bike brigade), as well as zoom at the pump park and beat his mom up the mountain bike trails. He is 4’8″ and just barely fits over the top tube when he is off the seat, so I am guessing he will get a few years out of the bike before he steals his mom’s. Brett and Ginger, thanks for making this happen, in such trying times.

  11. Davin Vandebeek (verified owner)

    Conditions were finally dry enough for my daughter to take it out for a proper ride. She loved it, and even though it was the first ride of the season she was riding better than she was at the end of last year on her 24″ bike. The quality is top notch, and the geometry seems spot on with perfect length cranks. Great bike, totally worth the premium for the performance.

  12. Michael Spencer (verified owner)

    Got the 2021 Timber 26 Pro build in hot pink for my 10.5 year old daughter. She loves it and it rides sooooooo much better than her old 24″ 8 speed. Now she can keep up on the uphills with the rest of her team mates who are mostly on 27.5″ wheels. Running tubes for now, might go tubeless later if time allows. Dropper post makes a world of difference too! Will definitely be coming back to TC for her next bike when she grows into a 27.5″ and is ready for a full-suspension ride.

  13. Jeremy Anderson (verified owner)

    Great bike for our budding 10yo trail rider. Geometry is much improved over her previous ride- or really any kids bike we’ve had to date. The 26″ wheel size rolls over anything in her path and the slack geometry is super stable. And the weight… or lack thereof, is incredible- this bike is significantly lighter than her sister’s 20″ from [insert major bike manufacturer]! So far we’ve just been to the bike park and local foothills trails in ABQ, but are looking forward to some light-duty downhill in the summer. By then she’ll also be climbing like a mountain goat!
    Build (Brett) was great- it was a treat to speak directly with the folks building in order to make the best decisions based on available components. Thank you!

  14. Michael Kemp (verified owner)

    26 Timber Special Build. Great bike for my 9yo daughter. She is 4’5″ tall which was the perfect transition height to this bike. I was worried about her not being able to handle the bigger bike. But I received on Friday and she won a race on Sunday! So sizing was spot on.

    She is amazed at how light it is, loves the turquoise color, and says the colored valve stems make the wheels look like they a glowing.

    Worth every penny!

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Geometry - Timber 26(millimeters)
Seat Tube Length-Center to Top338
Top Tube Length(Horizontal)525
Top Tube Length(Actual)533.8
Chainstay Length419
Bottom Bracket Height285
Seat Tube Angle(Actual)74 Degrees
Head Tube Angle68 Degrees
Wheel Base1026
Standover Height610mm (24 inches)

Size Chart

Size Chart

Approximate Age8-13
Minimum Inseam25 inches
Height Range4'5"- 4'10" (riders closer to 4'9" should choose XS size Timber 275)