Name- Neve Gordon

Age- 10

Lives- Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia

Best Thing About Riding A Bike- It makes me feel free and adventurous.

Favorite Local Trails- Centennial Park Singletrack

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor- Salted Caramel and White Chocolate Chip

Riding Partners- My Dad is the best!

Trailside Snack- White Chocolate Macadamia Clif Bar

Best Riding Area- Any park where I can jump rocks and do tricks!

Other Interests- I also ride a road bike, do dance at school, and I love math.

Riding a mountain bike gives me confidence and helps me conquer my fears. None of my friends can quite believe it when I tell them stories and show them photos and videos of me riding my mountain bike over rocks and really fast down trails.

As its summer at XMAS in Australia my dad and I are going away for a week of riding to a place called Jindabyne and Thredbo which is normally where people ski in the winter. We will ride lots of trails and I am going on a 3 day course to improve my skills.

I love my green Trailcraft mountain bike- it's sick in a good way!


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