Our Maxwell 24 PRO Series full suspension bikes weigh under 24 pounds – lighter than most 24″ hardtails on the market!

Chainring Selection:

26 Tooth- For easiest climbing in mountainous areas
28 Tooth- A good in-between gearing option for hilly terrain
30 Tooth- Better for some hills and more flat terrain
32 Tooth- Best for most flat terrain with limited hills

(5 customer reviews)



Have us set up your bike tubeless with color matched tubeless valves and Orange Seal tire sealant.

Dropper Post Install – Have a KS LEV Si 75mm dropper post pre-installed on your complete bike.

The ultimate secret weapon upgrade to reduce rotational weight and add stiffness. Just 1100 grams!

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We are now accepting orders for Green, BLACK and LAVA (electric red) colors with an EARLY DECEMBER ship date.  ORDER NOW FOR GUARANTEED CHRISTMAS DELIVERY.  We will turn ordering off once we feel building bikes and delivering in time for Christmas becomes tough so order well ahead of December. Orders placed in December will likely arrive in January with the high demand. Click here to see how many days until Christmas.

Dominate the trails going both down and up on our new Maxwell 24 full suspension trail bike. Here on our home trails of Fort Collins, Colorado there is an awesome trail called Maxwell. It’s a super technical, steep and rocky trail but the reward down is so nice. It can be done on a hardtail, but it is so much more fun on a full suspension bike!  If this sounds like the riding in your area where you do have to climb for the good stuff going down, then the Maxwell 24 is your next bike.

Our new 120mm travel front/rear Maxwell 24 has a category leading complete bike weight thanks in part to attention to detail with top shelf level components typically found on much more expensive bikes. We’ve gone even further with weight reduction – 85 gram stem, 180 gram carbon riser bar on the Pro builds, and 160 gram bar on our XC build. The end goal - to build the lightest production 24” full suspension trail bike. Nothing more to modify to make it lighter because we've built your kid the best bike with the best components so you can spend more time riding.

This is a fun, playful, super flickable bike for all types of mountain bike riding. Race it, take it to parks, or just have an awesome bike to trail ride. The Maxwell 24 features a Horst link suspension design which is active under braking and very plush over both small bumps and bigger hits. We spec a proper 100mm travel 24" RST Snyper fork which keeps the front end low so your kid can aggressively climb and descend without having the bars at shoulder height. The short 390mm chainstay length keeps the bike super fun yet stable at speed. Perfect for those manuals and launching whatever trail obstacles need to be conquered! Our Maxwell 24 is internal dropper post compatible and the entire package has been created as the ultimate 24” full suspension trail bike designed to give you more smiles per mile at a ride-ALL-terrain complete bike weight.

You can purchase a Maxwell 24 two different builds:

  1. PRO ELITE Maxwell 24 Complete Bike - 23.75 pounds - $3799.00
  2. PRO RACE Maxwell 24 Complete Bike - 24.25 pounds - $3299.00

For more detailed information of spec on each level bike please click on Features, Specifications, and Geometry.

Want to go a bit more custom or full custom on this build?  Contact us!  We are a small family business focused on building the best kids mountain bikes possible.  We truly geek out on this stuff, just see our Instagram page for some of what we are doing as well as our custom builds page.  We bring our frames in from Taiwan (un-assembled/not built) and we build each bike per order in Fort Collins, Colorado with US labor.  Since we don't import "complete bike in box from Asia" like pretty much everyone else does, we maintain a high quality control from installation of headset, bottom bracket, and even putting the derailleur hanger on frames here in the US.  You can be proud to tell your kids they have a unique bike which was truly built to order from the frame up!

The 2020 Maxwell 24 has it all - super light weight components and 4 cool colors to choose from!  We invite you to custom build your kids dream 24" trail bike!

Fits riders with a 24” minimum stand over height.


120mm front and rear travel in weights starting at just 24 pounds.  The Maxwell 24 has it all - high performance geometry, lightweight components and three cool color options to choose!  We've added internal stealth dropper routing on the seat tube so you can add your favorite dropper and not worry about a loop of cable housing.  Super clean internal cable routing for the rear derailleur using full cable housing from shifter to rear derailleur with two routing options.

The Maxwell 24 complete bikes are spec'd with Rock Shox Reba 120mm forks for more of an all around Trail build to keep bike weight as low as possible Choose your frame color and one of three build package options.  Finally, choose the chainring size which will work best for your riding area.  We have 26, 28, 30, and 32 tooth options.

For more detailed information please click on Specifications and Geometry tabs.


MODELMaxwell 24 ELITEMaxwell 24 PROMaxwell 24 Special Build
(Sold Out for 2021)
FRAMEMaxwell 24 120mmMaxwell 24Maxwell 24
REAR SHOCKMonarch R - 120mm travelMonarch R - 120mm travelMonarch R - 120mm travel
FORKRock Shox Reba 120mmRock Shox Reba 120mmRST Snyper 120mm
HEADSETTrailcraft Precision Sealed CartridgeTrailcraft Precision Sealed CartridgeTrailcraft Precision Sealed Cartridge
REAR DERAILLEURShimano XT 12 Speed Shimano Deore 12 SpeedShimano Deore 10 Speed
SHIFTERShimano XT 12 SpeedShimano Deore 12 SpeedShimano Deore 10 Speed
BRAKESShimano XT M8100Shimano Deore 6100Shimano MT201
CRANKSTrailcraft Direct Mount 140mm- Alloy Spindle-26,28,30, 32t OptionTrailcraft Direct Mount 140mm- Alloy Spindle-26,28,30, 32t OptionTrailcraft Square Tapered 140mm- Alloy 30 Tooth
BARTrailcraft CARBON RiserTrailcraft RiserTrailcraft Riser
GRIPSTrailcraft Lock-OnTrailcraft Lock-OnTrailcraft Lock-On
STEMTrailcraft Pro 85 gram, Length: 40mmTrailcraft, Length: 40mmTrailcraft, Length: 40mm
POSTTrailcraft Pro 30.9 SuperlightTrailcraft 30.9Trailcraft 30.9
CASSETTEShimano XT 10-51Shimano Deore 10-51Sunrace 11-42
WHEELSETStans Crest MK3 rims, Superlight alloy hubsStans Crest MK3 rims, Superlight alloy hubsTrailcraft 24"
TIRESVee Crown Gem 2.25Vee Crown Gem 2.25Vee Crown Gem 2.25
MSRP$3,799$3,299Sold Out for 2021
Estimated Weight25 pounds w/ tubes, 25.5 pounds set up tubeless25.5 pounds w/ tubes, 25 pounds set up tubeless26 pounds with tubes, 25.5 pounds set up tubeless

*COVID parts availability advisory: The bike industry is currently having trouble keeping up with demand in these strange times. Standard builds purchased from the website might include unavailable parts at which point we will replace them with equivalent parts (and upgraded parts in some cases) due to supplier availability. Please reach out to us directly if you have any questions or would like to ensure your build includes any specific parts.

5 reviews for Maxwell 24

  1. Scott Fitzgerald

    Brett and Ginger,

    We received the Maxwell 24 orange bike and everything was perfect. This bike is truly amazing, well done. Seatpost length, derailleur adjustmants, etc. Plus, chainstay AND seatstay protector/wraps from Lizard Skins! Alloy tubeless valve stems included? Tapered headtube!!? Lock on grips!? Extra derailleur hanger!? All bolts properly torqued! I feel like I was assembling an adult bike – haha! When I went to my local bike shop to show it off they said “even adult bikes don’t come with valve stems in the box” and blown away with the quality. You did a really good job. My son loves his new bike!

  2. mathewfay

    These bikes are outstanding. Optically beautiful and true to what a real mountain bike should look and feel like.

    The biggest thing was the fact that changing the machine upped my kids riding. In a way it wasn’t fair to send them out on non-sus heavy bikes. Their riding has been amplified so much I can ditch my mates! We hit Lake Kalamalka (600m // 12k’s) and they rocked it! SilverStar bike park – it’s weird to fly transitions with your 7 year old. My kids are 7 and 11 but kinda the same size with control issues, so it was great to have the same bike in different colors. Yes it’s more expensive than the run of the mill kids bike, but it’s a journey for them and set them up right. My kids are raking leaves to earn the next step up in a couple of years.

    These bikes are light. Not super light, but you are not paying $5k. What they are is significantly lighter than the usual bikes offered to kids and with some of the intelligent designs we all take for granted i.e. geometry. You can customize – I chose easier gearing because of where we live, so now they can climb in the Rockies.

    Re-sell is of course a point, everything is private label. Trailcraft has done everyone a favor by circumventing brand and it shows up well in price and quality. Trust me I know that everything comes from the same factory anyway. There have been some intelligent decisions that have created a kids version of an adult MTB that’s not in the stratosphere pricing category. After seeing the first rip, I don’t care about re-sale anymore – it’s worth it. But, I’m confident they won’t have to rake too many leaves.

    Don’t know what else to add. We got pulled over a lot for questions. I went back to the LBS for more armor for my kids at the bike park because of their progression. I’m still grinning after a week of sharing my sport at a crazy level with my kids.. I’m planning some epic XC with these guys. It’s a bit like my Evil Insurgent. Can go all day and point it downhill and hold on! This is the Maxwell 24.

    This bike is for you if you want to let your kids ride as much as you do.

  3. Courtland Carbone (verified owner)

    Maxwell 24

    Unbelievably awesome bike. The components are the same that you you find on bikes for adults, I bought the XT build. Better quality than what I bought for myself. It has Stan no tubes tubeless wheels with color matching anodized aluminum valve stems. The aluminum frame is light and strong, I have no doubt that the resale valve will be Considerable. I also agree with the other reviewer, once you see your kids level instantly increase resale value goes right out the window. Trailcraft has delivered the top notch bike for our young riders that we are looking for. Cast aside any reservation you may have about purchasing this bike. It will add enjoyment to riding that can’t be measured, especially since we want our kids to ride with us for the rest of their lives. This is the bike to help start that love affair with cycling and facilitate family time. They also deserve the same quality bike that you bought for yourself. Our little ones can’t help that they happed to be a bit short and still have a lot of growth left. We bought the family mountain bikes this spring and very quickly realized that our seven year old was disadvantaged when it came to the quality of bike I bought for him. Riding behind him on long climbs, encouraging him to lug a 37 lbs bike up the mountain and watching him get beat up on those fast single track decent. I felt guilty that I sat on a great full suspension bike which is light on the accents and smooth and fast on the descents. A new search was afoot to find the best full suspension light weight bike for our eager but exhausted son to ride. This led us to the Trailcraft line of bikes, coworker found them online and sent me the link thankfully. They are as awesome in person as they look online. This bike has made it possible for our seven year old to make those long climbs that were just out of reach with his heavy tank of a bike. Coming down those single tracks, it’s fun for him and I can finally let the guilt go for not buying this bike to begin with. Buy this bike and let them shred up and down the trails!!!

    • Trailcraft

      Thank you so much for taking time to review your Trailcraft. We are really glad he is having fun shredding both up and down! Have fun on the trails together and please keep in touch!

      Brett and Ginger


    My son has been riding his Maxwell 24 for the past two years. It’s now time to pass it on to his younger brother, and he’ll be moving on up to the Maxwell 26. The 24 has been a really nice bike. We primarily ride cross country trails on the weekdays and do more technical trails on the weekends. We’ve also done downhill bike parks a handful of times. The Maxwell really just checks all the marks for the type of riding we do. We used to ride about once a week, but now it’s more like 5 days a week since the pandemic hit. It has been a game changer in our health, both mentally and physically, and having my son on a bike that is light weight and capable really opened up opportunities and more enjoyment riding. Thanks again Brett for your customer support throughout the years!

  5. Courtland Carbone (verified owner)

    We’ve had the Maxwell 24 going into our second full season of riding. Just in case you don’t read any further, buy this bike, you will not regret the confidence boost it gives your young rider while trying a new sport. I also believe the resale value will be off the charts when it comes time to upgrade to the Maxwell 26. This spring we’ve already done trips to southern Utah, this bike is amazing and performs when the trails turn to black diamonds. The full suspension geometry is just right and allows him to sit and peddle up all but the most steep accessing obstacles he encounters. I can’t say enough good about the full suspensions, first off and most importantly, it allows him the ride with mom and dad, secondly, few encouragements help the little guy more than when much older middle school riders inform him that he should walk his bike down the obstacles and he is able to confidently ride down them. Our last trip to Virgin Utah which consisted of four days of riding with a total mile count of 54 miles, he exclaimed “This Trailcraft is the greatest bike ever, they really make a nice bike, when I get bigger do they make bigger bikes” that says it all. Once again, thank you trailcraft.

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Geometry - Maxwell 24(millimeters)
Seat Tube Length-Center to Top320
Top Tube Length(Horizontal)500
Top Tube Length(Actual)465
Chainstay Length390
Bottom Bracket Height (estimated, with 2.1" tire)300
Seat Tube Angle(Actual)74 Degrees
Head Tube Angle (120mm travel fork)66 Degrees
Wheel Base1006
Standover Height620

Size Chart

Approximate Age8 years+
Minimum Inseam24 inches
Height Range4'2"-4'8"

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