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Only choose if you purchased an option that includes tires.

Dropper Post Install – Have a KS LEV Si 75mm dropper post pre-installed on your complete bike.

Add TC30 fork, Shimano MT201 Brakes and Schwalbe tires to make your bike 21.75 pounds!

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This is the absolute best 24" hardtail mountain bike you can buy and is essentially an adult level bike shrunk down to a kids 24" size. The 24 inch wheel size is the one where kids learn key life long riding skills which will carry through the rest of their mountain bike riding career.  The 24" bike is also the size which your kid is on the longest - three full years (in most cases) if they are coming on the bike in the 4'1" rider height. Take your kids riding to the next level into the 2020 season and beyond on a professional level bike with premium top shelf level components that YOU get to select with your parents which suits your budget and riding terrain.

We spec the absolute best components on the Pineridge 24, and with component technology improving we are able to drop even more weight from our bike.  The 2020 Pineridge 24 gets some pretty awesome updates to the frame which include full length internal cable routing for the rear derailleur and rear brake, as well as full stealth dropper cable routing for a SUPER PRO look.  See some of our images above, a few have droppers installed.  Look Mom, no more cables!  We have even added a KS Lev SI as a dropper post upgrade option, as well as tubeless tire setup.

Our Pro Elite and Pro Race level bikes get some pretty awesome components and we are dropping even more weight with our 2020 builds with the addition of SRAM AXS as a build option.  Our new TC30 suspension fork has 80mm travel and has carbon lowers to save weight.  This is the lightest proper 24" suspension fork you can put on a bike at just 1475 grams.  Stan's Crest MK3 rims laced to superlight 374 gram hubs reduce even more rotational weight which is sub-1300 grams on our PRO AXS and PRO XTR/XT race builds.

This is the most configuration in its category for a kids mountain bike.  Most adult bikes don't even offer this level of customization or build options!

Choose the best bike which hits your budget and weight goals.  We have three standard build kits, though all of our bikes are built for you so we can go full custom on your build very easily.

You can purchase a Pineridge 24 in several ways:

1. PRO AXS 12 Speed Pineridge 24 - 19.7 pounds - $3499.00

2. PRO XTR/XT 11-speed Pineridge 24 - 20 pounds - $2399.00

3. PRO RACE 10-speed Pineridge 24 - 20.9 pounds - $1999.00

3. Special Christmas Build 10-speed Pineridge 24 - 22.5 pounds - $1649.00

For more detailed information on each build please click on Features, Specifications, and Geometry tabs.

Want to go a bit more custom or full custom on this build?  Contact us!  We are a small family business focused on building the best kids mountain bikes possible.  We truly geek out on this stuff, just see our Instagram page for some of what we are doing as well as our custom builds page.  We bring our frames in from Taiwan (un-assembled/not built) and we build each bike per order in Fort Collins, Colorado with US labor.  Since we don't import "complete bike in box from Asia" like pretty much everyone else does, we maintain a high quality control from installation of headset, bottom bracket, and even putting the derailleur hanger on frames here in the US.  You can be proud to tell your kids they have a unique bike which was truly built to order from the frame up!

The 2020 Pineridge 24 has it all - a high performance "new school" 24-inch frame geometry, super light weight components, and 5 cool color options to choose from. Life is too short to settle on one bike color and one generic bike build level when cool options present themselves NOW!  We invite you to custom build your kids next dream bike!



The secret to the amazing ride quality of this bike is our geometry and very high quality, lightweight components.  Each frame is hand built in small batches with double butted 7005 aluminum tubing, forged dropouts, and post-mount disc brake mounts both front and rear. Our bikes start in the low 21 pound range and at that weight have an 11-42 cassette, pedals, lock-on grips and even a chainstay protector.  All of our Pineridge 24 bikes feature a short 385mm chainstay length. This shorter rear end allows kids to corner faster, change direction quicker, lift the front easier allowing manuals and floating the front end over obstacles much more fun than your typical 420mm chainstay length 24-inch bike.

We have three complete bikes options, and all of our bikes get a super light 1x drivetrain using an 11-42 cassette right out of the box.  This is a small detail overlooked by the other companies.  Our kids don't like walking hills, and I am sure yours don't either!   ALL level bike builds also get our new lightweight 140mm Trailcraft aluminum spindle direct mount cranks with your choice of 26, 28, 30 or 32 tooth narrow-wide style chainring.

Wheelset Options:

PRO XT/XTR and PRO AXS Pineridge 24 Pro models get our Stans Crest MK3 Custom sub-1300 gram wheelset with color matched decals, Ashima rotors.

PRO RACE level build gets Stans Crest D Custom sub-1500 gram wheelset with color matched decals and Ashima rotors.

Pineridge 24 Special Build model gets our Trailcraft Wheelset (1650 grams) with color matched decals and 96 gram ultralight Avid rotors.

-Ashima 85 gram rotors come stock on PRO level builds and have been spec'd to keep wheel rotational weight as low as possible. The super low rotational weight of both wheelsets is very important to young riders just starting out, or more experienced riders trying to get to the next riding level. Stans yellow tape is installed so all you need to do is add sealant if choose to go the tubeless route to shed even more weight.


Trailcraft TC30 fork on PRO XTR/XT and PRO Race level builds- 80mm of super plush suspension in a 1485 gram package with carbon/alloy lowers.

RST First 24 on Special Christmas Build level.

Component Level Options:

Pro Line XTR/XT Shimano Package - 1x11 component group featuring Shimano XTR rear derailleur, SLX 11-46 rear cassette, XT 11 speed rear shifter, and XT front/rear brakes. This package keeps weight low and performance high. NEW is our custom 140mm Trailcraft direct mount 1x crankset with ultralight aluminum spindle and 26, 28, 30 or 32 tooth narrow-wide style chainring YOU select to create the best bike for your terrain.

Pro Race 1x10 group features a Shimano Deore 10 speed rear derailleur (quick, before we sell out!),  Deore shifter and Deore brakes. The Pro Race level package keeps weight low and performance high. NEW is our custom 140mm Trailcraft direct mount 1x crankset with ultralight aluminum spindle and 26, 28, 30 or 32 tooth narrow-wide style chainring YOU select to create the best bike for your terrain.

Special Build Level 1x10 components featuring Shimano Deore 10 speed rear derailleur, Sunrace 11-42 cassette, Shimano Deore 10-speed rear shifter, and Tektro hydraulic brakes. A great package to keep weight low, performance high, and the budget in check!  Our Special Build also gets our custom 140mm Trailcraft square tapered 1x crankset 30 narrow-wide style chainring.

(Note pedals are included!)


MODELPineridge 24 Pro ElitePineridge 24 Pro Race Pineridge 24 Special Build
FRAMEPineridge 24Pineridge 24Pineridge 24
FORKTrailcraft TC30 80mm Carbon/Alloy 1485 gramsTrailcraft TC30 80mm Carbon/Alloy 1485 gramsRST First 24 1600 grams
HEADSETTrailcraft Precision Sealed CartridgeTrailcraft Precision Sealed CartridgeTrailcraft Precision Sealed Cartridge
REAR DERAILLEURXTR M9000 11 Speed GSShimano XT 10 Speed Shimano XT 10 speed
SHIFTERShimano XT Shimano Deore 10 SpeedShimano Deore 10 Speed
BRAKESShimano XT Shimano DeoreTektro
CRANKSTrailcraft Direct Mount 140mm , Alloy Spindle, 26,28,30,32t OptionTrailcraft Direct Mount 140mm, Alloy Spindle, 26,28,30,32t OptionTrailcraft Square Tapered 140mm - 30 tooth
BARTrailcraft Pro AlloyTrailcraft Pro AlloyTrailcraft Alloy
GRIPSTrailcraft Lock-OnTrailcraft Lock-OnTrailcraft Lock-On
STEMTrailcraft Superlight Length: 40mmTrailcraft, Length: 40mmTrailcraft, Length: 40mm
POSTTrailcraft 30.9 SuperlightTrailcraft 30.9Trailcraft 30.9
CASSETTESLX M7000 11-46 11 SpeedSunrace 11-42 Sunrace 11-42
WHEELSETStans Crest MK3 rims, Superlight alloy hubs, DB Spokes - 1290 gramsStans Crest D rims, Superlight alloy hubs, DB Spokes - 1490 gramsTrailcraft rims, alloy hubs, DB Spokes - 1650 grams
TIRESSchwalbe Rocket Ron 24x2.1"Schwalbe Rocket Ron 24x2.1"Maxxis Snyper 24x2.0
Estimated Weight20.2 pounds (tubeless)20.9 pounds (tubeless)22.5 pounds (tubeless)

*COVID parts availability advisory: The bike industry is currently having trouble keeping up with demand in these strange times. Standard builds purchased from the website might include unavailable parts at which point we will replace them with equivalent parts (and upgraded parts in some cases) due to supplier availability. Please reach out to us directly if you have any questions or would like to ensure your build includes any specific parts.

13 reviews for Pineridge 24

  1. Joe Camarillo (verified owner)

    “The Trailcraft is a complete game changer climbing is no longer the chore it was on the other bike and my son has really upped his climbing to reap the rewards of the descents with a bike that handles so well.”
    Camarillo, California

  2. Jeff (verified owner)

    I just wanted to thank you for designing and building such awesome bikes!!!
    With the the warm weather here in Utah we decided to get in a few rides before winter settles in. (So much for waiting until Christmas!!!)
    My boys are riding on a whole new level. They can easily climb in the saddle on climbs where they couldn’t get up even out of the saddle before, on their old bikes.
    We rode double the time we could before with plenty of energy left. The boys are having more fun with way less drama, which means I am, too. Money well spent!!!
    Thanks again!!
    Salt Lake City, Utah

  3. Gregory

    Trailcraft definitely makes the best bike out there in the 24 inch range. My daughter loves her Pineridge 24 and is having more fun on rides. The lighter bike with high quality components has made a world of difference on technical trails and has boosted her confidence. We get more ride time and she is enjoying the sport. Its a plus for both of us!

    Colorado Springs, CO

  4. Mark (verified owner)

    My eight year old son has had his Pineridge Special Build for about a month now. Immediately when the bike arrived I could see and feel the quality that goes into these bikes. Within just a few short rides my son was already conquering new sections of technical single track, both climbs and descents. I could not be happier with the bike, Trailcraft’s customer service, and most of all the fun times we are having out on our trails.

  5. Steve Cuellar (verified owner)

    All I got to say is this bike rocks! I bought my 6 year old the Pineridge 24 and I can’t believe how well he rides it just because it’s so much lighter than his specialized hotrock 20” lol. Bigger and lighter no more front derailleur so it makes it easier and the gearing is so much better with the front 28t sprocket. He’s doing some climbs I didn’t think he would be doing for another year. Pretty impressive how well he’s doing just because of the confidence he’s gotten because of this bike makes our riding experience so much more fun. He can’t wait to race it in the spring! Thanks Brett- your bikes Rock!!!

  6. Chris Bencher

    Thank you Ginger.

    Since my son got his Trailcraft, he beats me to the top of all the mountains now – It’s making me look bad. I could not have asked for anything more from his Trailcraft 24…. A perfect bike proportioned for a pre-teen; Thank you so much for filling the gap in the market. The component quality is tops, assembly is super tight, and everything perfectly calibrated. The blue paint is gorgeous; the bike gleams in the sun and makes me salivate every time I just look at it. I feel both pride and envy. It has been more than 1 year of riding and the bike does not even have a single squeak, click, or rattle – and the paint still gleams. Even after a day of riding, the frame seems to be “anti-stick” to the trail-powder and even gleams after the ride (do you Teflon coat these frames?).


  7. Nick (verified owner)

    Echoing what others have said. Trailcraft Cycles Pineridge is a total game changer. On our first trail ride we were making it up hills we have always walked before. The bike came preassembled and was in great shape. I am a bike mechanic and the bike needed no adjustments, no big manufacturer can manage that.
    The bike has been named the “Purple Monster” as it is able to “monster” over roots and rocks. We will have smiles for miles to come I am sure.
    Thanks to Ginger and all the crew.
    Nick, Amanda and most importantly Fiona

  8. Aaron Gardner (verified owner)

    My son loves this bike! Thanks to the lightweight build and great handling his confidence has dramatically increased along with his abilities. The terrain around where we live is very unforgiving and he now pedals in places that I regularly see adults walking. Thank you so much for making the ultimate 24″ mountain bike. All of the little details really make a difference.

  9. Will

    I bought my son a Pineridge 24 almost two years and it’s been incredible. If you haven’t seen one in person, it’s a night and day (and 10 or 12 lb) difference from even the nicest kids bikes at a bike shop. And the differences are even more apparent on the trail. I highly recommend this bike and Trailcraft as a company and fully plan on getting him one of their 26s in the next year or so.

    • Trailcraft

      Hi Will- thanks for the great review for our website on the Pineridge 24! I hope your family is doing well and having a lot of fun adventures this summer. Fun times with these kids for sure! Cheers, Ginger and Brett

  10. Pierre-Olivier Roy

    My older so has been riding and racing his Pineridge 24 for the last two years, falling in love with the sport.
    The best part is all the quality time we spend together on the trails.
    His bike is still in great shape with normal maintenance, and next year will be used by his little brother, and then likely by their little sister in a couple of years.
    You cannot go wrong when you invest in a quality product.
    I will likely have my three kids on Trailcraft bikes next year (Blue Sky 20 / Pineridge 24 / Maxwell 26).

  11. ericiversoneric

    Wow, blown away! Very well thought out design. This is a kid specific, high performance setup, that blows away the comparable offerings from the large, big name bike companies. The brake and derailleur adjustment was spot on out of the box, zero noise or rubbing. We opted for the tubeless setup (sealant already installed) when ordering, so once I installed the handlebars, grips, and levers, it was just a matter of tweaking the air pressure in the fork and tires, and our daughter was off and riding. The customer service was awesome, with Brett taking the time to chat on the phone, and set us up with a build level that was appropriate for our daughter. Amazingly high quality bike, our daughter loves it!
    Pineridge 24
    Park City, UT

  12. danbucks (verified owner)

    My twins haven’t ridden these yet, but I have built them up. I have one big serious problem now: *I* want one. I’m rather short, so maybe I’d just fit :-). They really are crazy light (much lighter than my kids’ 20 inch w/ no suspension), which is why I got them. The cockpit is clearly sized for kids. I look forward to seeing how my kids graduate from BMX parks to the trail … NOTE: you can’t really see the nuance in color choices online, e.g. blue => more like metallic blue (nice), neon green => flat (expected).

  13. Jennifer Johnson (verified owner)

    Thank you so much to the Trailcraft Crew. You guys have been so awesome helping me get my daughter’s Pineridge 24 set up just right for her. Customer service has been amazing! She loves the new bike, how easy it is to climb, shift and brake. The cockpit is so well designed for small hands. Climbing and descending single track are so much safer on this geometry. Excited for all the time we will spend together riding the next few years while I can still keep up! Can’t recommend enough. Thank you for offering this great product to kids. They are the ones who deserve light bikes. Keep up the good work.
    Hood River, OR

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Geometry - Pineridge 24(millimeters)
Seat Tube Length-Center to Top321
Top Tube Length (Horizontal)495
Top Tube Length (Actual)488
Chainstay Length385
Bottom Bracket Height270
Seat Tube Angle (Actual)73 Degrees
Head Tube Angle68.4 Degrees
Wheel Base959
Standover Height600mm (23.6 inches)

Size Chart

Approximate Age7-11
Minimum Inseam24 inches
Height Range4'2"- 4'9"

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