Name- Sierra Semsak aka “Slay-Air-Ah”

Age- 8 3/4

Lives- Issaquah, Washington

Best Thing About Riding A Bike- It’s outdoors, gives you exercise, makes me feel free. It makes me get my mind off things that are sad, scary, and uncomfortable. The best thing about it is that you are free to do whatever you want w/ mtn biking. And I can go REALLY FAST!!

Favorite Local Trails- Lichen it (Steven’s Pass), Rock Crusher (Steven’s Pass), Ryan’s Flow Line (Duthie Hill Mtn Bike Park), Voodoo Child (Duthie), Black Bear (Sun Mountain - Winthrop)

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor- Mint Chocolate Chip and Vanilla

Riding Partners- My Dad, and my downhill mountain bike racing teammates: Molly -“Molly-Pop”, Jetta -“Jammin’ Jetta”, Riley H. - “Rippin’ Riley”, Ryann- “Flyin Ryann”, Julia - “Shredulia”, Nyla -“A’Nyla-Lator”, Riley A. -“Drama Lama”, Sydney - “Syd-Vicious”, and Tallula - “T-Dawg”.

Trailside Snack- Z - Goldfish!

Best Riding Area- STEVEN’S PASS!!!!!Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park, and Methow Valley

Other Interests- Soccer, Sewing , Skiing , and CAMPING!!!!! Also playing with my cat Cash (he’s all black and named after Johnny Cash).

I’m also a member of the Sweetlines Jr. Racing Team, an all-girls (7-14yo) downhill mountain bike racing team!


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